Why Good Jewelry Photography is Important

Why Good Jewelry Photography is Important

Have you ever been scrolling through the pages of your favorite magazine and got stuck on a single page because of how great the product looks? Most times, you know that you cannot afford to buy the product on the page now, but it doesn’t stop you from dreaming. You spend some minutes looking at all the details of the product and imagining what life would feel like if you had that product in your possession. That is how powerful jewelry photography, and by extension, all kinds of good product photography can be. 

When it comes to selling your jewelry, imagery is very important. Sure, the brand name of certain jewelers and the type of precious stone used can also have a very big impact on how the jewelry is perceived, but even if your brand name is well known, you can use powerful images to show your customer that your jewelry is just as good as other popular brands.

If you sell jewelry, and you are relegating jewelry as part of your branding and marketing to the background, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. In this article, we will look at some reasons why good jewelry photography is important, with the hope that it will encourage you to take it more seriously in your marketing.

Why Good Jewelry Photography is Important

Good Jewelry Photography helps draw attention to your product

If you are scrolling through an e-commerce website and you suddenly spot a nice shiny jewelry, chances are you will stop scrolling and spend some time looking at that jewelry before you continue, especially if you love shiny jewelry. Good jewelry photography can have that effect on your potential customers. The ideal situation is to have a glass in front of your store where passersby can ogle your jewelry, but if you want to spread your product all across the internet and on the pages of credible magazines, you have to make sure your picture stops your potential customers dead on their tracks. 

If you take poor photos of your jewelry, people will assume that they look just as bad in real life and won’t spend much time looking at it. Good jewelry photography coupled with good product description can get your customers wanting to buy from you immediately.   

Good Jewelry Photography sets you apart from your competition

Your product may be just the same with your competition, but good photos of your jewelry can make the difference. You can still get good customers if you post poor or low quality pictures of sportwears, basketballs, etc. because of the nature of those products. However, with jewelry, people are drawn to photos that can grab their attention because they imagine that is how the jewelry would grab the attention of people around them when they buy it from you.

You have to be able to convince your buyers that your jewelry will turn the heads of the people around them if they trust you enough to buy from you and the only way to do this is by using solid photography to set you apart from your competition.

Good Jewelry Photography helps increase your customer’s trust in you

A good number of people return products they bought on the internet or ordered after seeing them on a magazine because they don’t look like what they paid for. Most times, this happens because pf poor photography. Nothing beats convincing someone to buy your jewelry physically because they can feel and touch it, but good jewelry photography comes as a close second choice if you can’t physically sell your product to your customer.

When jewelry photography is done right, your customers will be able to see and imagine what your jewelry will look like when they wear it, and it will not be too far from reality when they receive their order. This way, when they see your product again, they can trust that they are going to get exactly what they are placing an order for. Investing in good jewelry photography can improve your customers’ trust in your brand, and fast too.

Why Good Jewelry Photography is Important

Good Jewelry Photography can help you build your brand

Good jewelry photography is more than just a short-term plan. It is a long-term investment that can slowly but surely build your brand. If you consistently post high-quality pictures of your jewelry online, you will start to register in the mind of your viewers as a professional brand worth checking out. 

Images are worth a thousand words, and high-quality images of your jewelry can speak to your customers more than any product description can. Good jewelry photography can help build solid perception of your brand over time, and cause people to trust your brand and feel comfortable buying from you. From becoming fans of your high-quality pictures, your potential customers will eventually become real customers of your jewelries.

Note: The emphasis is always on “Good” jewelry photography. You can’t get good results if you take low quality shots using your smartphone with poor lighting. Sure, some smartphones can give you amazing results when used correctly, but don’t assume. You’ll be better served using quality camera and lighting recommended by professionals in the field. 

Also, consider investing in other accessories like jewelry stand and white foam to place your jewelry when you snap them. It provides your photographs with an extra professional look. 


Good jewelry photography is more than just snapping pictures for people to see. It’s about building a brand on professionalism and trust. Anyone who has been in ecommerce will tell you how important product photography is generally. For jewelry, taking the right photos is even more important. Good photographs are the way to people hearts, and can help you build good silent communication with your customers.

You can set yourself apart from your competition, build trust in the mind of your customers and get your customers’ attention simply because you chose to invest just a little more on good jewelry photography. Do not underestimate its power.