Muticaria macrostoma  (Cantraine 1835)
Main synonym = Muticaria pseudosyracusia    Caruana Gatto, 1892
Taxonomical Classification:  Animalia / Mollusca / Gastropoda / Pulmonata / Clausiliidae
Maltese Door Snail     Dussies ta' Malta
Worldwide distribution:
Frequency in Malta:
Further Information:
The door snail species found on the Maltese isands is endemic and protected. It is often found in rock cavities and cracks near damp areas or valleys. It is categorised in the family Clausiliidae.

There were 4 subspecies described but they were later found through genetical study to be the same and do not merit any taxonomical importance (except perhaps of forms). These 4 mentioned subspecies were Muticaria macrostoma macrostoma (Cantraine, 1835); Muticaria macrostoma scalaris (Pfeiffer, 1848); Muticaria macrostoma oscitans (Charpentier, 1852); Muticaria macrostoma mamotica (Gulia, 1861). The specimens photographed here were from Wied ta' Zieta, limits of Victoria, Gozo (2009).
Special contributor, data input & photos for the Mollusca section courtesy of Owen Mifsud

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