Leiocolea turbinata  (Raddi) H.Buch
Main synonym = Lophozia turbinata    (Raddi) Steph.
Taxonomical Classification:  Plantae (Mosses) / Marchantiophyta / Jungermanniopsida / Jungermanniales / Jungermanniaceae
Top Notchwort     Maltese name not known
Further Information:
This leafy liverwort is characterised by narrow shoots (0.5-1.5mm wide) forming spaced, broad-oblanceolate leaves with a narrow base and a prominently notched tip (looking like a pair of horns). Leaves only up to about 1 mm long and wide and lack underleaves or reproductive gemmae. The plants are pale green, and form small independent mats or growing singly amongst other mosses (in such case they are difficult to spot). It requires a continuous moist habitat, so in Malta it is associated with damp dwellings, such as caves, rock springs or rocky valleys.

The narrow leaf base is quite unique to L. turbinata and a useful character to distinguish it from other leafy liverworts. Related species are Cephalozia bicuspidata, Gymnocolea inflata, Leiocoloa badensis and Lophozia perssonii.L. turbinata grows only on calcareous substrates, typically on wet limestone or chalk.

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