Eobania vermicula  (O. F. Müller, 1774)
Main synonym = Helix vermiculata    O. F. Müller, 1774
Taxonomical Classification:  Animalia / Mollusca / Gastropoda / Eupulmonata / Helicidae
Chocolate band snail     Maltese name not known
Worldwide distribution:
Frequency in Malta:
Further Information:
Eobania vermiculata live many different habitats, usually in dry vegetation, mainly in coastal vicinity, hence Malta provides an ideal place to live on. It is found abundantly on Crete and several isalnds of Greece.Copulation takes place after the first rainfalls in autumn were some 70 eggs are laid per female, 20 days later. The size of the egg is 4 × 3 mm, greyish-white. Juveniles grow about 12–13 mm in diameter per year for 2 years. Full maturity is reached after 2 years when the diameter reaches 25 mm, the umbilicus becomes closed and the apertural margin becomes reflected. Mature snails reach 29–33 mm diameter and like Crete they aestivate from aroun Jine. Adults dig into the soil and build an epiphragm, while juveniles search protected places under stones or leaves of low plants

The snail is consumed for food and there was an abundant exported from Greece to France, which led to restrictions on the size and seasons of collection for this species in 1981.

This species has been introduced to southeastern Australia, and there it is known as the chocolate-band snail due to the colour of rings or circular spots on the shell. In US, it is introduction is considered as a major threat.
Special contributor, data input & photos for the Mollusca section courtesy of Owen Mifsud

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